Hiding Places and Evidence of Drug Abuse
Look in the lining of pockets. Here you will find traces of drugs, eg Dagga.   Look in Dustbins, you can find objects that can indicate that a person is smoking Dagga or Mandax.
Look under pillows or bed linen. Eg Dagga cigarettes.   Objects used for smoking, used papers and a spit bucket.
Lotto wrapping paper used by Mandrax users to crush the Mandrax tablets.   LSD users keep thier stock in the freezer. To keep the LSD fresh it is wrapped in foil
Foil used to smoke heroin: 1).Flat  sheet  and staind black 2).Rolled in a pipe form.   Burnt T-spoons used to melt the Drugs.
Dagga pips and leavesin ashtray. with burnt Dagga cigarettes.   Look under the matress
Look for empty foil used to wrap tablets like Mandrax and XTC.   Look for the stains on the hand.
Look at the needle marks on the arms Look for Rizzla accesories
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